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The Wonderful World of LinkedIn


LinkedIn is another unique social media site that more so reflects the interactions within the business world. It is a great place for posting job experience, as well as finding potential employers. Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant founded this great networking site in December 2002. It wasn’t until May 5, 2003 that LinkedIn was officially launched and released to the public. According to the online digital marketing service, DMR, there are currently about 347 million users in the LinkedIn database. With the help of LinkedIn, many users have been able to find many jobs, and opportunities through online networking.

The sole purpose for the creation of LinkedIn was to build a site for professionals whom to use their past and present connection to secure a social network for the future. In addition, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to use if one is looking to start building their career. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is completely diffeent from sites like Facebook or Instagram, and shouldn’t be used to post anything unrelated to your professional work life. Ultimately, LinkedIn is a large resume that should include information on experience, education, skills, interests, awards, etc. Here are some tips to make sure you use LinkedIn effectively: Keep your profile updated, don’t boast or brag about your accomplishments, always write like you are being graded, make your posts engaging, and get a custom URL.

In closing, LinkedIn is a crucial tool that is used by millions of users every single day. Be sure to take this social media site more seriously than the others. As I stated before, unlike the other social media sites, LinkedIn is strictly for business purposes only. There are many things you can do to further your goals from building capital, finding endorsements, and polishing your skills.