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The Wonderful World of LinkedIn


LinkedIn is another unique social media site that more so reflects the interactions within the business world. It is a great place for posting job experience, as well as finding potential employers. Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant founded this great networking site in December 2002. It wasn’t until May 5, 2003 that LinkedIn was officially launched and released to the public. According to the online digital marketing service, DMR, there are currently about 347 million users in the LinkedIn database. With the help of LinkedIn, many users have been able to find many jobs, and opportunities through online networking.

The sole purpose for the creation of LinkedIn was to build a site for professionals whom to use their past and present connection to secure a social network for the future. In addition, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to use if one is looking to start building their career. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is completely diffeent from sites like Facebook or Instagram, and shouldn’t be used to post anything unrelated to your professional work life. Ultimately, LinkedIn is a large resume that should include information on experience, education, skills, interests, awards, etc. Here are some tips to make sure you use LinkedIn effectively: Keep your profile updated, don’t boast or brag about your accomplishments, always write like you are being graded, make your posts engaging, and get a custom URL.

In closing, LinkedIn is a crucial tool that is used by millions of users every single day. Be sure to take this social media site more seriously than the others. As I stated before, unlike the other social media sites, LinkedIn is strictly for business purposes only. There are many things you can do to further your goals from building capital, finding endorsements, and polishing your skills.


Have you Ever Heard of Reddit?


Reddit” is a privately owned social networking corporation that also specializes in providing entertainment and news. The thing that makes Reddit different than other sites is that they allow for users to post and vote on content. The founders of Reddit are University of Virginia students Steve Huffman, and Alexis Ohanian. This unique social media platform calls itself “the front page of the internet”. This motto is accurate because, for one thing, they generate over 90 million people per month. In addition, Reddit also often acts as the springboard for viral content around the Web.

When you first get sign up with Reddit, you can register without having to verify your email. The more you post content, interact with other users and comment, you’ll build up “karma”. On Reddit, karma is a term used to demonstrate your morality in the community based on comments/links you’ve submitted on the site. So essentially, the better your karma is, the more people will be interested in following your profile. Continuing, self-promotion is strictly against Reddit rules, meaning that you can’t heavily promote your goods or services on their website. However, it is, in fact, possible to still use methods to attract many users to your website/products.

According to statistics from Ignite, the majority of Reddit users are males between the ages of 35-44 with income levels normally around $25,000-$50,000 per year. In addition, according to DMR, an online digital marketing service, about 174 million users visit Reddit a month. Likewise, the numbers of countries that use Reddit are currently 186. Ultimately, Reddit is an excellent tool to use when trying to engage, answer questions and promote initiatives

Things You May Not Know about Facebook


We all think we know about Facebook right? Wrong. There are many things that I learned about Facebook while listening to group presentations in my Digital Video and Production class. As a journalist, it is important to understand the relationship between social media sites in the digital age. With so many online users, sites like Facebook make it easier for companies to find their targeted audiences.

As I’m sure you know, Facebook is one of the few social media sites that dominate the Web. Five college students who attended Harvard University launched Facebook on February 4, 2004. One of the most renowned figures from the group is the one and only, Mark Zuckerberg. Interestingly enough, the Winklevoss brothers, twin brothers who also attended Harvard, sued Zuckerberg in 2004 for allegedly stealing their idea. The two brothers claimed that their idea was called “ConnectU,” which essentially had the same concept as Facebook. Despite being sued for $64 million, Zuckerburg was still able to continue as the head of Facebook.

In 2007, Facebook had an estimate of 12 million users by the end of the year. As the years continued, Facebook went from 58 million years in 2008 to 360 million by the end of 2009. Although Facebook started out as a site only accessible to college students, there are now an enormous variety of age groups who are users. According to the Pew Research Center, Facebook interaction ranges from ages 18 to 65. With the digital age revolutionizing the way people interact, there’s no surprise that there is no specific age group that uses social media.

Things You May Not Know about Twitter


Twitter is an online social media site that has connected millions of users worldwide. Essentially, Twitter is a social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”. Just like many other social media platforms, Twitter is a way for people to express themselves through their everyday life. Throughout this post, I will be discussing many of the attributes, as well as facts that I have learned about Twitter from my classmate’s presentation.

Twitter was brought into the world on March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. After “working out the kinks,” the creators decided it was time to release the product. After a couple of months, Twitter was released to the public on July 15th, 2006. It started off with about 400,000 tweets a day, and over the years has grown to about 250 million tweets a day. Twitter has also done great things besides connect users all around the world. With that being said, Twitter has raised about 1.6 billion dollars through online presence alone.

One of the many important tools on Twitter is “hashtags.” Hashtags are keywords and phrases that are embedded within a photo. When searching for a particular image or recording, users type in keywords in the search bar, hence, the usage and functions of hashtags. This is great to use for engaging with various consumers, as well as great for finding particular types of users. Businesses have begun to be more active with Twitter because they see how great of a tool it is in gaining potential profit.

The Journey Into Digital Broadcasting

Introduction: JournalismNEXT

While reading chapter 1 and 2, I learned many things I did not know about as far as the journalism world is concerned. Although we talked about several points in class from the “Introduction” section in the book, I still gained much insight on the evolution of journalism and its importance. Examples of the points we discussed, as well as what I read, were about the many jobs that are available for journalist in this day and age. Seeing as how the print business is a declining market, I was quite surprised to find about successful independent companies like “Voice of San Diego,” “ArtsJournal,” and “paidContent.org

Chapter 1: We Are All Digital Workers Now

Moving further into the chapter, I gained knowledge on several computer components such as “cache,” and “RSS” uses and essentials. I also found it interesting to see how modern technology like “apps,” have help innovate Internet use as well as further aid printing business’ and its transition into the digital community. This in itself is a huge contributor in creating a long-lasting relationship between consumers and their favorite magazines, and newspapers. Co-founder of Storify, Burt Herman, made a great point by explaining how for the first time in history, everybody has free access to the press through the Web. The possibilities that are presented in the virtual community are almost limitless. In addition to reading the “web-design basics” section in Chapter 1, I was completely blown away by how extensive web design code is. As an aspiring journalist, I was not aware that learning web code would be essential to my career.

Chapter 2: Blogging for Better Journalism

When reading through Chapter 2, I gained a much better understanding of blogs and their contribution to publishing. Blogs not only bring together a community of like-minded individuals with certain types of interests, but it also helps journalist find an outlet to hone their skills, as well as way for them find their niche market and audience. In addition, Briggs talks about how the creation of blogs have changed journalism for the better. I found it interesting how he related the tragic terrorist attack on September 2001, to the growth of blogs and user interaction. At the time this was a great way for those to vent and share their thoughts about the incident, thus creating a much wider participation in independent blogging.

According to Briggs a good blog is ..

1. One that has a great appearance

2.  One that knows its audience and puts the reader first.

3.  One that has links , and organized summaries

4. One that posts often and stays updated

5.  One that has a catch title

6. One that has photos and videos