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The Underground Music Scene in Atlanta

“Music is an expression of ones self. Just like all other forms of art, it reflects a person’s greatest attributes,as well as their biggest insecurities. Music is everything. Music is the medicine to any emotional sickness. Music is everything.” -T.Mason


Atlanta is home to a constantly rising number of up-and-coming acts. It has quickly becoming a powder keg of talent waiting to blow. The most impressive quality of the city’s scene is that no one rapper or singer is the same, and they all reach wildly different demographics, from the influence of trap music on the Southside of Atlanta to the off the wall originality of Edgewood. Even though they’re different lyrically or cosmetically, they all share the same ambitious mentality that keeps them in the spotlight through EPs, mixtapes and videos. The biggest underground artists in Atlanta are hip hop collective Two-9, All Black Congress, Raury, ILoveMakonen, and Father. According to Complex Magazine, every year there are ten artist who emerge from Atlanta, and make a name for themselves.Consequently, the competition in Atlanta has made the music scene seem over saturated with every person claiming that they rap, sing or make beats. Also, with so many musicians recently coming out of Atlanta, there has been a number of famous musicians who have come to scout for talent. An example would be how Atlanta artist Raury, was found by recording artist Kid Cudi and Kanye West. With many major movie studios moving to Atlanta, as well as other reconstruction projects in the city, Atlanta has become a breeding ground for tourists from the local to national level.

The most popular area to catch many of these shows and celebrities is on Edgewood right in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. The best way to describe Edgewood is like a long strip of bars full of “movers and shakers”. These bars consists of the popular Department Store, which curates most of the underground performances for artist, and the Music Room. There is almost something always going on seven days a week. The weekends are the best days to stumble accidnentally upon a performance and coincidentally meet your favorite artist. If you are interested in more of these artists, you should follow their music and check out their shows if you’re in Atlanta, Ga!