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Summer Internship at ABC News


I have officially been accepted into the Web & Video department at the ABC news station in San Francisco, California! Now when I mean “accepted” I only mean as an intern, of course, nonetheless I am excited to learn more about my interests as well as my passions. I am currently a rising senior attending Georgia State University, who is also double majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and Film and Video. My reasonings for picking these two particular majors were to use them interchangeably.

I had always loved film, even since 16 when I shot my first official music video. Likewise, I have always enjoyed writing and expressing my thoughts. With that being said, If it were not for the AP credit I received from back in high school, it would have taken me longer to graduate college. You see, with a double-major it is almost as if you are taking two complete loads of various classes (journalism and film). When deciding my double-major, I felt that it made sense to better my chances of competing in a large job market, by bringing to skillets to the table. If I got hired at a news station, I could either work my way up to an Anchor or work my way up to Lead Director. Even if I decided to work in radio, I could still find a way to incorporate film into my position. Hopefully with this summer internship at ABC News, I can have enough experience to have another advantage over my fellow college graduates.

While at ABC News, I am going to be learning about all the techniques they use on their social media profiles, as well on how to build websites. I will also have to opportunity to shadow many directors, and camera operators throughout the entire time I am there. I am scheduled to leave for the end of May and start the first week of June. The internship’s length is going to last until the end of July moving into August. The position is only required a minimum hours of 20 week, but of course I am going to try and request more. While out in California, I will be staying with my aunt who lives in San Francisco. The only thing I will have to worry about is how to get better, and how to get smarter. See you when I get back. Wish me luck guys!