Understanding News as a Conversation


In Chapter 10 of JorunalismNEXT, we began to touch on how the constant growth in technology has increased the speed of communication. With technology always evolving we find easier ways to relay news to the public, as well as find faster way to receive necessary feedback and options from viewers. In today’s time, it is important that we use technological and human resources to help cultivate constructive conversations. Briggs gives further insight on managing news as a conversation through social network and other media platforms.

According to Briggs, making conversation with your readers is great for building better relationships and gaining loyal viewers. When you give your audiences the chance to be apart of the news process, it makes it easier for them to identify with your news brand. For starters, you should answer all questions asked by your readers, address criticism, and always share good responses. In addition, it is important to converse through comments left by your readers. Ultimately, the amount of interaction that is given to an online news story by the writer will help create more intimate discussions online.

Moving further into chapter 10, we see that social media offers many benefits to news as a conversation it helps create awareness through word-of-mouth, it enables a much faster pace of feedback, and it helps create transparency in the reporting process. Conversation within news is important because your audience often discovers information and gives story tips, as well as share links to your post. Reporter Dan Gillmor even stated, “my audience knows more than I do (Briggs 271). With that being said, engaging in conversations can be used as a very important tool for instances such as your news gathering process.

When building and managing your online community, there should always be a priority to make your news participatory. The more that journalist gets involved, the more that your online community will want to participate. Acknowledging those who participate in your posts and conversations will help spread your content. Lastly, as journalists we should always remember to be aware of our many resources. Lastly, spend more time investing in an online community with loyal and anxious readers.


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