There Are Such Things as Bad Blogs

 Good Blogs That We All Can Appreciate:

1. is a great blog site for those interested in art, photography  and modernizied architecture.  My reasons for categorizing this blog as a good one is simply because of its enormous online interactive community. The blog is essentially a space for users to post pictures relating to the several interests I listed earlier. For example bloggers will post pictures of vintage furniture that they may have seen while traveling to the mountains for the weekends with their partner. The most interesting thing about this is that the bloogers leave information about where they find these items, as well as occasionally leaving small video clips showing off the piece. If you happen to be a vintage connoisseur this is a large community of people who you can reach out to in order to find more items to collect. This blog is a good blog because it adequately provides readers with information, as well as leaves options for comments. In addition, it is beneficial to those who and provides a sense of “public interest”.


– According to Briggs, ” a good blog is a continuing conversation.”

2. Another great site to check out is . This is a blog that is centered solely on investigative reporting, specifically on controversial topics.  The site’s motto ” We don’t cover the news, we undercover the truth,” is just an example of how determined this blog is on providing its online community with information related to many concerned topics. This is a great blog because it is very informative, and to navigate. They provide great pictures that embody each individual topic, as well as provide a section under each post for users to comment. This blog is great for those who love debating, as well as communicating personal  ideas and thoughts with others across the board.


– Briggs explains that blogs are posts that should contain links, summaries, and analytical attributes. 

There ARE Such Things as Bad Blogs:

3. is not necessarily a bad blog in the sense of not being adequeatly presented, and structured. Tumblr is a great way for free users to post anything, and I mean ANYTHING. The thing about tumblr is that you can find either the things you are really searching for or the things you really are NOT looking for. Meaning that, this site contains a lot of inconsistenceies when it comes to providing users with the specific content that they are interested in looking up . This being because many of the free users put any number of tags across their photos, which causes a problem for those looking for certain types of things. If you type in the words “tennis shoes” you can easily be taken to a feed of not only tennis shoes, but gang related post, and even pornography. The point is that who ever posts these photos , may have used the words that you typed in within their tags . As long as a pornstar is wearing tennis shoes in her most recent production, there is a good chance that you may stumble upon it. It kind of makes you wonder what your 8 year-old kid might find by typing in “cat,” or  maybe even “candy”. Believe me, these types of words could possibly introduce you to a world you may not want to see. This site does not have a particular purpose, and it does not have a sole market audience, but many people love tumblr so again it is not as bad as it seems.


4. If you are interested in finding out  gossip about your favorite celebrities, then is the site for you. When comparing its criteria as a blog overall, it pretty much gets a failing grade.  Bossip is a site that posts all the juicy stories of celebrities and their current issues. You can find any amount of stories about Drake and Nikki Minaj dating, to the recent stories about Bill Cosby and his sexual assault charges. The bad thing about Bossip is that they area  “rumor based” blog , so they tend to post a lot of inaccurate information. The site’s purpose is to draw readers in through entertainment, so either way the site meets its overall goal. In comparison, this site/blog is like the cheap magazines with the crappy title covers that you see on the racks in the grocery store aisle. Nonetheless many people love entertainment news and tend to spend much time on this site.  However, if you are looking for a blog with reliable information, I would not recommend



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